Our Ingredients

What makes us different?

A selection of our ingredients

Our coleslaws are made with only the best ingredients.  We only use natural ingredients and many of them are organic.  We think our coleslaw’s are both different and better because we don’t use lots of mayonnaise.  A little yes, but it is still the vegetables that do the talking and deliver great taste!


We also have some simple promises about every tub of our coleslaw


- Each tub is made with the freshest ingredients we can find.  We work with local producers to get our vegetables in season and as quickly as possible once they are out of the ground.

- We only use a teaspoon of mayonnaise in our Coleslaw’s.  We use Biona Mayonnaise because it’s organic and they use free range eggs which is unusual in Mayonnaise  Our Mayonnaise dressing is also mixed with a natural yogurt to give it a much lighter flavour and texture.

- We only add a little of things like salt and sugar.  Where we think it brings out more flavour, we do use these things, but in moderation and only because we think it enhances the overall taste and flavour of our Coleslaw.

- We taste all of our Coleslaw’s ourselves before we sample them or deliver them to deli’s.  But was also listen hard to what our customers say.  We are always eager for feedback and we respect the fact that our fans know our products as well if not better than us.  Farmers Markets are a very important part of our business, because they keep our feet on the ground, and keep us close to customers.


Our coleslaw contains:

  • Fresh Ingredients
  • Just a teaspoon of the best Mayonnaise
  • Only a pinch of Salt
  • Taste Checked By Fans Who Care