The Range

Discover our range of Coleslaw's. Our products are inspired by what customers say when they talk to us. If you have an idea or something you would like us to make, please get in touch!!

Authentic Thai Coleslaw

Our delicious Authentic Thai Coleslaw uses cucumber, mint, coriander and an Asian dressing to give it a distinctive refreshing sweet and sour taste.  The product is also great for those who want to enjoy a coleslaw without dairy ingredients.   Full recipe:- white cabbage, red onion, carrots, cucumber, freshly chopped mint  and coriander, lime juice, rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, runny honey, fish sauce and a little salt and pepper. Suitable For:- vegetarians and people on a dairy free diet.

Feta Cheese, Red Grape & Mint – Summer Coleslaw

Feta Cheese, Red Grape and Mint is our summer coleslaw.  It is particularly refreshing on a hot summers day and compliments salads, pizza, and cold dishes likely to be served during the summer.   Full Recipe:- White cabbage, carrot, white onion, red grape, feta cheese, chopped mint, balsamic vinegar, sugar, lemon juice, salt and pepper, mayonnaise and sour cream

Norfolk Dapple Cheese and Cox’s Apple

Our very own take on a cheese and apple coleslaw, this product is one of our favourites.  Norfolk Dapple Cheese is an award winning local cheese that has a smooth creamy flavour with a very subtle nutty after taste.  Cox Apples add a very fresh slightly sweet taste that compliments the cheese perfectly.   Full recipe:- White cabbage, carrot, Cox’s apple, Norfolk Dapple Cheese, red onion, balsamic vinegar, sugar, lemon juice, yogurt and mayonnaise   Suitable for vegetarians

Traditional English Coleslaw

Known for its distinctive colour, this coleslaw is perfect with cold meats, salads, vegetables or warmer hearty dishes such as a meat pie or steak and chips.   Full Recipe:- red cabbage, carrot, apples, beetroot, red onion, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, honey, wholegrain mustard, salt and pepper, yogurt and mayonnaise.   Suitable for vegetarians